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This Flintstones Theme Park Will Take You Way Back

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You recollect Fred and Wilma Flintstones, alongside their neighbors Barney and Betty Rubble, isn’t that so? Obviously you do! How might anybody overlook those notorious enlivened characters?

“The Flintstones” is a vintage animation about existence in the Stone Age, and it was initially reporting in real time from 1960 to 1966. While new scenes haven’t disclosed for quite a long time, life in Bedrock goes on in a little park situated in Williams, Arizona.

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Go Back To The Stone Age

In the event that you drive to Bedrock City, it might look shut. The grounds and structures look for all intents and purposes vacant. Also, it’s actual: Very few individuals stop by. In any case, have confidence, this roadside interest keeps the vivified Stone Age fit as a fiddle.

Bedrock City opened in 1972 and proceeds with today as a 364-day-a-year campground and RV park. The recreation center closes on Christmas Day. Some time ago, live Flintstones characters wandered the recreation center to reproduce life from the exemplary animation.

Throughout the years, notwithstanding, the recreation center’s detached area incurred significant damage. With less guests, the recreation center let go of the greater part of its representatives. Presently, simply the structures and a couple of attractions stay from the recreation center’s greatness days.

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Everything in Bedrock City looks precisely like what you may have seen on the exemplary “Flintstones” kid’s shows. Guests can stroll through splendidly shaded structures that appear as though they are cut out of stone. You can even stroll through Fred and Wilma Flintstones’s home:

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The soundtrack of Flintstones kid’s shows communicate constantly over the recreation center’s tinny amplifiers, resounding shockingly between the dusty, dilapidation places of Bedrock’s well known inhabitants from a past period. Worked more than 40 years prior during the Highway 66 roadside fascination furor, this forlorn solid imitation of an animation town has gone through more promising times.

Barney’s Home

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Bedrock School

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Bedrock Boulevard

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The Golf Cart Stone-Age Car Has Taken It’s Last Tour Of The Park

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Post Office

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Bedrock Theater Where They Play Flintstones Cartoon All Day

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Bedrock city is no uncertainty a period container event congregation from another time, phenomenally odd and conspicuously kitsch. It’s open each day of the year aside from Christmas day for a $5 section expense. What’s more, you haven’t generally lived until you’ve investigated a frightening concrete clone town of a 1960 animation at dusk.

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The house sits on a feign close to the Santa Clause Monica Mountains National Recreational Zone, and the recreation center conservancy didn’t need a house based on the property. Along these lines, Clark apparently chose to manufacture his home out of stone, thinking that if the house resembled a stone arrangement that the conservancy couldn’t disagree with it.

Enticed to go to Arizona and California for a Flintstones-themed excursion? Yabba dabba doooooo ittttt! (I’m so grieved. I’ll show myself out at this point.

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