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Granny Pods Now Allow Your Aging Parents To Live In Your Backyard

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Looking for a spot for your old parents to live? In the event that you need more space in your home and don’t want them to go into a nursing home. MED Cottages, otherwise called “Granny Cases,” are the most recent fury.

Furthermore, however it appears as though the MED Cottage is intended to prevent depression. I dread it might promote it.

In the next 10 years, America’s elderly populace is said will to twofold. As indicated by studies, many older individuals would prefer to live at home or with family versus somewhere else. I know that in individuals’ last years, the nature of their lives is vital, and MED Cottages do seem to have numerous pluses.

Sizes & Styles:

The houses normal 12 by 24 feet and are similar to the size of a main room. There are two different styles, in addition the MED Cottage Classic: the Living Roo (designed to fit into a garage space) and the Mother Ship (planned on a RV stage). Both of these alternatives cost less than the MED Cottage Classic, yet exact estimating was not accessible at this time.

via:- homemaking / Matt Hagen
via;- homemaking / Matt Hagen

An company in Blacks Burg, Virginia, made the Med Cottages, and Virginia Tech assisted, as well. For whatever length of time that your lawn is appropriately zoned for it, you can manufacture your very own Med Cottage.

The inside resembles a little nursing home and contains cutting edge restorative hardware, similar to hand railings, a camcorder framework so you could perceive what’s happening inside i.e., if your parent needs assistance and a delicate floor to secure the individual on the off chance that they fall.

Additionally, it’s ADA consistent, which means there’s sufficient space for somebody to get around in a wheelchair. There’s additionally something many refer to as a “virtual buddy,” which will play messages like, “it’s a great opportunity to take your drug.”

While all these innovative highlights sound decent, doesn’t having a “virtual buddy” nullify the point of your adored one being in your own special lawn? Wouldn’t a relative need to be there face to face to ensure that their parent takes their pills?

Superior to anything A Nursing Home?

My grandma is 93 and lived with my mom under a similar rooftop, not a Med Cottage as of recently. My grandmother’s every other month falls before long transformed into week after week ones, at that point day by day ones. Simultaneously, my mother had various hip medical procedures and couldn’t walk or twist down well.

Private nursing care was getting increasingly costly, and my mother in the long run picked a nursing home for my grandmother. My grandmother had been in and out of a few (not very good ones) throughout the years, between emergency clinic stays, and the one she’s in now appears as though the best as far as keeping the occupants occupied with exercises (like incidental data and evening tea and dessert socials), excursions to cafes, etc.

The nursing home ensures that inhabitants remain dynamic and are not taken off alone. Furthermore, my mom and I alternate visiting my grandmother, so somebody is there consistently.

From one perspective, the Med Cottages appear to be superior to anything a normal nursing home however just if the relatives living in the primary house really invest energy with their older friends and family. My primary dread is that the family in the principle house would not visit the bungalow regularly enough and the old parents would feel considerably more forlorn than they were previously, or more desolate than if they had friendship at a nursing home.

While, truly, one’s maturing guardians may like the feeling of freedom the Med Cottages appear to give, the autonomy includes some major disadvantages potential forlornness.

In this way, while I recognize the creation of the Med Cottage, I’m as yet an enthusiast of an older relative living in the primary house, not outside of, only it.

However, as we probably am aware, what befalls the older when they can’t enjoy themselves is a consistently changing and disputable issue. At last, I believe it’s a made to order premise or, in this case, a case by-case premise.

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