Supreme Court Rejected the Petition of the NAB

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court rejected the petition of the National Accountability Bureau for the innocence of PML-N leader and former Paysalabad mayor Chadriesherry Ali. The three-person bench in the culmination court, led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, said Asif Saeed Khosa failed to present the case for Ali as the responsible director.

Justice Khosa said that

The relationship between the suspect and the person allegedly assigned to him illegally could not be proved. He never said that even one Witness had been threatened by Ali and recorded his statement. "Why does the suspect need a defense team when the NAB's witness says this? The suspect's job is to certify his assets. It is NAB's responsibility to certify assets that do not belong to the suspect," the Chief Justice said.

In the proceedings, NAB prosecutors said Ali had made an illegal assignment. However, the Chief Justice said, “Being a mayor doesn't mean you have to explain what's wrong. It was the mayor in 1983 and the incident was organized in 2000.

Rawalpindi Court sentenced Ali to a five-year prison sentence in 2002, which imposed a fine of 100 million rupees for accumulating assets that could move through corruption through his officials. In addition.

They could not apply for financial facilities from DFIs that had public officials or managed by the state for 10 years. In another case, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison with a fine of 20 million rupees.

Judge Javed Iqbal, the chief of national responsibility said

Judge Javed Iqbal siad on Wednesday that after the first visit to the Karachi office, the transplant organization "completed" the realization of "excellent dividends". Corruption. The NAB president at the time promised that the Secretariat would bring an "absolute" end to a massive corruption incident in which the "responsibility to all" policy was adopted.

NAB has devised an effective anti-corruption strategy to eradicate corruption that has begun to generate excellent dividends. He added that the NAB has revived after taking the "new initiative. The timeline has been defined to efficiently and effectively handle cases that take up to 10 months to identify, query, investigate, and refer to a responsible court to rationalize the workload.

Judge Iqbal said that

SOPs (standard operating procedures) for inspectors (IOs) were reviewed and revised after 10 years to ensure uniformity and standardization. "To take advantage of the experience and collective wisdom of senior supervisors, a CIT system (combined research team) consisting of directors, additional directors, IOs and senior legal counsel was in place.

This not only lends quality to the work, but also ensures that no individual can affect the process," said the NAB director. NAB head thanked NAB Karachi for its performance. He also distributed checks / owners to those affected by the rupee builder case.

Domestic sources have revealed that there are at least 1,100 affection in the 'Rupee Global City' case, which was considered one of NAB Karachi's amazing performances.

Briefing about important cases

At the meeting, NAB briefly described examples of senior figures, such as the synod speaker. Sources said that the main focus of the meeting was to focus on events involving political figures and released guidelines for this effect. Secretary-General Brig Farooq Naser Awan, NAB Karachi Secretariat, said that since October 11, 2018.

Karachi's anti-transplantation group has raised corruption-related references to former federal ministers, according to an official statement issued after the meeting. Said. Dr. Asim; Local lawmaker, Sharjeel Memon; Sind assembly speaker Agha Siraj Durrani; And former Federal Secretary, Kamran Michael; All courts were on trial before trial.

Sources said the NAB is investigating the financial side at the request of the police authorities and is also considering the murder of TV anchor Mureed Abbas over the "financial dispute" in defense. The case against the arrested LNG giant, Iqbal Z Ahmed, was also discussed. In both cases, we are still investigating.

Sources indicate that NAB has held separate meetings with experts on the case against Ahmed so far, and no "specific evidence" has been produced.

Kara country administration

Meanwhile, according to the NAB statement, DG NAB Karachi informed the meeting participants that 9,887 complaints were received in 2018-19, of which 346 complaints were currently completed / disposal. NAB Karachi also said it had approved 93 complaints in the same period.

According to the statement, NAB Karachi said that 65 corruption references were submitted in 2018-19, while 28 references were ready for submission after NAB chairman approval. It is mentioned that 159 suspects were arrested by NAB Karachi in 2019. NAB Karachi also helped other local authorities when arresting 32 suspects.

Brig Awan said it was filed through a plea bargain after it received the approval of the relevant courts of about 73 billion rupees in 2017-18 and about 358 million rupees in 2018-19. DG NAB said, NAB Karachi's overall belief rate in the responsible court is about 84%.

Preventing complaints from public officials

Before arriving at the venue, employees were "reduced" to broadcast work-related complaints, domestic sources said. Sources said the investigators (IO), considered the backbone of the bureau, were "detected" to raise issues related to weak prosecutions, "expanded" buildings, poor infrastructure, lack of facilities, lack of vehicles, and lack of staff.

There is a total void or gap between NAB leadership and the organization's backbone (IO). Sources said the meeting hoped to raise weak issues such as prosecution since the first visit of NAB president to Karachi, but it was "detected".

They said that a few months ago, NAB Karachi's DPG (Deputy Attorney General), who could file a lawsuit in court, withdrew claims of unsatisfactory performance and did not enter into another agreement. Since then, Karachi has not been assigned a DPG.

Nab IO also said he was often “embarrassed” of the weak prosecution of the pre-Sindh High Court case, which tended to summon PGA (prosecutor general responsibility) in Islamabad. They added that NAB's current office in Karachi is located in a "old" building where officers don't have enough place to keep their records.

Senate Information & Broadcasting Standing Committee

The opposition members of the Senate Information and Broadcasting Standing Committee came out of a committee meeting Tuesday in protest of Senator Faisal Jab's attitude and threatened to raise a reaction. The meeting discussed issues related to Pakistan's Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra), and opposition members accused regulators of directing various TV channels against opposition leader coverage.

As opposition senators condemned the censorship of political leaders, fierce debates broke out between Senator Fermayz Rashid, Mullah Bucks Shangdio, Rubin Khalid, Sabir Shah and Senator Salem Baik. In discussing the matter, Senator Rashid said interviews with PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari and press talks with PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif abruptly stopped.

Likewise, he said that the press conference of JUI-F leader was excluded from the broadcast through the TV channel. "Is this media free?" He asked. The PML-N leader said, “I was a minister of information for 126 days when the PTI was preparing to sit in Islamabad. But I did not stop the PTI leaders and the people who protect them.

Promote a lack of confidence in the chairman

Baig's Pemra chairman said regulators did not call any media company to censor news reports. He said that from October 1-16, the TV channel provided about 46% airtime to Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl leaders. The situation was ugly when the chairman of the Faisal Javed Committee responded to the questions directed to President Pemra during the discussion.

Prime Minister Mullah Bucks Chan Dio said in a speech that Prime Minister Lim Ran Khan called Maulana Fazlur Rehman 'diesel' and asked if Pemra would inform the prime minister. Senator Javed just said, "This is the first rally without diesel. Let me know where the prime minister called Maulana's name.

Senator Javed said to Senator Chandio

Don't you know who diesel is? I know who is called diesel. The situation became extremely tense when the committee president said: “He may be my (Maura) nickname. Senator Ruby Na Khalid asked President Femra if he would notify the cause of the show if he complained about the matter.

The chairman of the committee tried to intervene and debate the debate on other subjects and calm the opposition, but did not hear the strike and step by step.
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