India Plans to Build Large Detention Camps for Muslims

India plans to build large detention camps for Muslims in Assam and arrest thousands of people in Kashmir, and "Mr." Said. In Kashmir, reports of 2,000 arrests by the Indian government were in trouble. This is at the top of the reported plan for large government detention camps for Muslims. In a similar tweet, Congressman Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House of Representatives' Intelligence Committee, also expressed concern about the situation in Kashmir.

Kashmir's situation

Kashmir's situation still leaves thousands of civilians detained without accusation and inaccessible to the outside world," he wrote. Pakistan's ambassador to Washington, Assad Majeed Khan, appealed to the international community to "do not make India Kashmir a concentration camp" and "to listen to Kasmir's plight in the face of a large humanitarian crisis. The Washington Post factual investigator, released this weekend, pointed out that even pellets and bullets failed to conquer the Kashmir people who protested across the valley against Indian occupation.

According to the Indian government's claim that Kashmir is calm, the post added that the "video and eyewitness account" published with the inspector actually "differs a different story. The video released by the Post showed great demonstrations throughout the occupied area. Some videos showed Indian security forces firing bullets and bullets to crowds protesting India's decision on August 5 to protest Kashmir's decision to withdraw Kashmir's special status.

India “enacted unprecedented communications in the region,” but some media groups succeeded in sending protest videos and photos that began on India's Independence Day and have continued since then. The video forced Indian authorities to admit that they fired "pellets and living bullets" to the crowd.

According to the International Amnesty Report, India's Jammu and Kashmir armies have been using pump-operated shotguns to fire metal pellets in the Kashmir Valley since 2010. This is essentially an inaccurate shotgun that fires hundreds of metal pellets, spreading over large areas. Hundreds of blind people have killed at least 14 people since July 2016, ”the report added.

Effect of this weapon will be felt for years to come

Congressman Jayapal said in New Delhi, "India is as harmful as the United States in using something as oppressive and patriotic as fear. Democracy requires transparency, due process and freedom of assembly and speech. They are absolutely essential even in the most complex situations. Congressman Schiff reminded India that "basic human rights such as free speech and access to information should be protected. Both lawmakers attached the New York Times report to their tweets, saying that the whereabouts of people in Kashmir have not been known since August 5.

Kash Miri politicians, business owners, activists and scholars point out that India is illegally cracking down on criticism of its territory. Another US Congressman, Peter King, met with the Indian Consul General in New York to discuss the Indo-Pakistan dispute with Kashmir. “I told India I understand India's behavior and are concerned about the Islamic elements of Pakistan and Kashmir.

But as the sensitivity and the two countries became nuclear, they urged them to find a diplomatic solution, ”he said. US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said India's decision to change its current state in Jammu and Kashmir should be "settled" before tensions with Pakistan increase.

Senator Graham told Pakistan's Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi about the "growth crisis" in Pakistan in a tweet released after India withdrew Kashmir's special status, and "the Trump administration will help alleviate the current crisis." Will be.

The Trump government will help Pakistan and India to find ways to alleviate the current crisis. What the region and the world need most is the military confrontation between Kashmir and India and Pakistan.
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