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12 Amazing Facts About Your Personality That People Can Instantly Know About You Just By Looking At You

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People tend to judge people without even knowing them, just by looking at their physical appearance. And while it is true that this is a big mistake, there may be some science behind it. And surprisingly, first impressions can be very precise in some cases.

Data that your physical appearance reveals about you.

1- If You Are Attractive, People Assume That You Have Other Positive Qualities.

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According to a phenomenon known in the world of psychology as “halo effect”, we tend to assume that beautiful people have other positive qualities apart from their appearance, such as intelligence.

2- There Is Another Disadvantage in having wrinkles.

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If wrinkles are already not very aesthetic, it seems that another problem is added, it can indicate heart problems. In fact, it is said that women who seem younger have a lower risk of heart disease than those who seem older.

3- Finger Length May Indicate The Risk Of Cancer In Men.

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Several scientific studies have found that men who have index fingers of the same length or longer than the ring finger are more likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

4- People Are Able To Get An Accurate Reading Of Your Personality From A Photo.

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People are able to give a lot of information about a person just by looking at a photo. In a study conducted by the University of Texas in 2009, researchers showed participants photos of 123 students with a neutral expression or posing as they wanted.

Regardless of how they were, the spectators were able to judge how outgoing, religious, pleasant or conscientious they were, in addition to whether they had low or high self-esteem.

5- Your Facial Structure Can Show Your Level Of Aggressiveness.

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Through a study, it has been suggested that men with wider faces and more prominent cheekbones tend to be more aggressive. The study also specifies that men with this type of facial features may also have higher levels of testosterone.

6- Your Height Can Indicate Your Leadership Skills.

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A study carried out by psychologists, scientists and neuroscientists has shown that we tend to associate the highest people with the best leaders. Is it because they look over our shoulders?

7- If You Don’t Appear Confident, They Are More Likely To See You As A Criminal.

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It is not known for sure why some of us transmit more confidence than others, but we do know that this has consequences.

Researchers from Israel and the United Kingdom searched for photos of men and women randomly selected from two databases for third parties to assess their emotional status, personality traits and criminal appearance. The first set came from police data, and the second from actors who were told to appear happy, neutral or angry.

Regardless of where the photos came from, people who were defined as conveying less confidence and seemed more dominant also tended to be seen as criminals.

8- The Shape Of Your Face Can Reveal Your Strength.

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A study has shown that we tend to assess the strength of people by their facial structure. In the study, those with the widest face were considered stronger people.

9- Some Health Problems Can Be Seen First In The Eyes.

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Doctors can diagnose certain disorders just by looking into your eyes. Red spots on the retina can be a symptom of diabetes; Swollen eyes, for example, may indicate high blood sugar levels.

10- Your Height Can Reveal Certain Diseases.

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Studies have shown that our growth hormone determines the list of diseases that we are at risk for. Height seems to reduce the risk of heart disease, however low people have a lower risk of cancer.

11- Your Posture Is A Tool To Show Confidence.

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It seems that the opening of our shoulders and an upright posture while standing will give us an impression of safe and open people, even if we are not.

12- Red Lipstick Attracts Money.

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Several French psychologists have discovered that waitresses with red-painted lips receive up to 50% more tip from men than others. It seems that the color red is associated with higher levels of excitation.

It seems that we cannot say with such certainty that: “Appearances are deceiving.” Did you know this data that reveals our physique? Tell us in the comments!

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