Supreme Court Rejected the Petition of the NAB

 Supreme Court Rejected the Petition of the NAB
On Wednesday, the Supreme Court rejected the petition of the National Accountability Bureau for the innocence of PML-N leader and former Paysalabad mayor Chadriesherry Ali. The three-person bench in the culmination court, led by the Chief Justice of Pakistan, said Asif Saeed Khosa failed to present the case for Ali as the responsible director.

Justice Khosa said that

The relationship between the suspect and the person allegedly assigned to him illegally could not be proved. He never said that even one Witness had been threatened by Ali and recorded his statement. "Why does the suspect need a defense team when the NAB's witness says this? The suspect's job is to certify his assets. It is NAB's responsibility to certify assets that do not belong to the suspect," the Chief Justice said.

In the proceedings, NAB prosecutors said Ali had made an illegal assignment. However, the Chief Justice said, “Being a mayor doesn't mean you have to explain what's wrong. It was the mayor in 1983 and the incident was organized in 2000.

Rawalpindi Court sentenced Ali to a five-year prison sentence in 2002, which imposed a fine of 100 million rupees for accumulating assets that could move through corruption through his officials. In addition.

They could not apply for financial facilities from DFIs that had public officials or managed by the state for 10 years. In another case, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison with a fine of 20 million rupees.

Judge Javed Iqbal, the chief of national responsibility said

Judge Javed Iqbal siad on Wednesday that after the first visit to the Karachi office, the transplant organization "completed" the realization of "excellent dividends". Corruption. The NAB president at the time promised that the Secretariat would bring an "absolute" end to a massive corruption incident in which the "responsibility to all" policy was adopted.

NAB has devised an effective anti-corruption strategy to eradicate corruption that has begun to generate excellent dividends. He added that the NAB has revived after taking the "new initiative. The timeline has been defined to efficiently and effectively handle cases that take up to 10 months to identify, query, investigate, and refer to a responsible court to rationalize the workload.

Judge Iqbal said that

SOPs (standard operating procedures) for inspectors (IOs) were reviewed and revised after 10 years to ensure uniformity and standardization. "To take advantage of the experience and collective wisdom of senior supervisors, a CIT system (combined research team) consisting of directors, additional directors, IOs and senior legal counsel was in place.

This not only lends quality to the work, but also ensures that no individual can affect the process," said the NAB director. NAB head thanked NAB Karachi for its performance. He also distributed checks / owners to those affected by the rupee builder case.

Domestic sources have revealed that there are at least 1,100 affection in the 'Rupee Global City' case, which was considered one of NAB Karachi's amazing performances.

Briefing about important cases

At the meeting, NAB briefly described examples of senior figures, such as the synod speaker. Sources said that the main focus of the meeting was to focus on events involving political figures and released guidelines for this effect. Secretary-General Brig Farooq Naser Awan, NAB Karachi Secretariat, said that since October 11, 2018.

Karachi's anti-transplantation group has raised corruption-related references to former federal ministers, according to an official statement issued after the meeting. Said. Dr. Asim; Local lawmaker, Sharjeel Memon; Sind assembly speaker Agha Siraj Durrani; And former Federal Secretary, Kamran Michael; All courts were on trial before trial.

Sources said the NAB is investigating the financial side at the request of the police authorities and is also considering the murder of TV anchor Mureed Abbas over the "financial dispute" in defense. The case against the arrested LNG giant, Iqbal Z Ahmed, was also discussed. In both cases, we are still investigating.

Sources indicate that NAB has held separate meetings with experts on the case against Ahmed so far, and no "specific evidence" has been produced.

Kara country administration

Meanwhile, according to the NAB statement, DG NAB Karachi informed the meeting participants that 9,887 complaints were received in 2018-19, of which 346 complaints were currently completed / disposal. NAB Karachi also said it had approved 93 complaints in the same period.

According to the statement, NAB Karachi said that 65 corruption references were submitted in 2018-19, while 28 references were ready for submission after NAB chairman approval. It is mentioned that 159 suspects were arrested by NAB Karachi in 2019. NAB Karachi also helped other local authorities when arresting 32 suspects.

Brig Awan said it was filed through a plea bargain after it received the approval of the relevant courts of about 73 billion rupees in 2017-18 and about 358 million rupees in 2018-19. DG NAB said, NAB Karachi's overall belief rate in the responsible court is about 84%.

Preventing complaints from public officials

Before arriving at the venue, employees were "reduced" to broadcast work-related complaints, domestic sources said. Sources said the investigators (IO), considered the backbone of the bureau, were "detected" to raise issues related to weak prosecutions, "expanded" buildings, poor infrastructure, lack of facilities, lack of vehicles, and lack of staff.

There is a total void or gap between NAB leadership and the organization's backbone (IO). Sources said the meeting hoped to raise weak issues such as prosecution since the first visit of NAB president to Karachi, but it was "detected".

They said that a few months ago, NAB Karachi's DPG (Deputy Attorney General), who could file a lawsuit in court, withdrew claims of unsatisfactory performance and did not enter into another agreement. Since then, Karachi has not been assigned a DPG.

Nab IO also said he was often “embarrassed” of the weak prosecution of the pre-Sindh High Court case, which tended to summon PGA (prosecutor general responsibility) in Islamabad. They added that NAB's current office in Karachi is located in a "old" building where officers don't have enough place to keep their records.

Senate Information & Broadcasting Standing Committee

The opposition members of the Senate Information and Broadcasting Standing Committee came out of a committee meeting Tuesday in protest of Senator Faisal Jab's attitude and threatened to raise a reaction. The meeting discussed issues related to Pakistan's Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (Pemra), and opposition members accused regulators of directing various TV channels against opposition leader coverage.

As opposition senators condemned the censorship of political leaders, fierce debates broke out between Senator Fermayz Rashid, Mullah Bucks Shangdio, Rubin Khalid, Sabir Shah and Senator Salem Baik. In discussing the matter, Senator Rashid said interviews with PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari and press talks with PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif abruptly stopped.

Likewise, he said that the press conference of JUI-F leader was excluded from the broadcast through the TV channel. "Is this media free?" He asked. The PML-N leader said, “I was a minister of information for 126 days when the PTI was preparing to sit in Islamabad. But I did not stop the PTI leaders and the people who protect them.

Promote a lack of confidence in the chairman

Baig's Pemra chairman said regulators did not call any media company to censor news reports. He said that from October 1-16, the TV channel provided about 46% airtime to Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl leaders. The situation was ugly when the chairman of the Faisal Javed Committee responded to the questions directed to President Pemra during the discussion.

Prime Minister Mullah Bucks Chan Dio said in a speech that Prime Minister Lim Ran Khan called Maulana Fazlur Rehman 'diesel' and asked if Pemra would inform the prime minister. Senator Javed just said, "This is the first rally without diesel. Let me know where the prime minister called Maulana's name.

Senator Javed said to Senator Chandio

Don't you know who diesel is? I know who is called diesel. The situation became extremely tense when the committee president said: “He may be my (Maura) nickname. Senator Ruby Na Khalid asked President Femra if he would notify the cause of the show if he complained about the matter.

The chairman of the committee tried to intervene and debate the debate on other subjects and calm the opposition, but did not hear the strike and step by step.

Irsa has Hit Sindh After Issuing a Certificate of Opposition

Irsa has Hit Sindh After Issuing a Certificate of Opposition
The debate on the nomination of a federal member of the Indus River System Authority (Irsa) in Sindh has not yet been resolved by the federal government, but Irsa has hit Sindh after issuing a Certificate of Opposition (NOC) to establish a 25MW power plant in Punjab. . The Chashma-Jhelum (CJ) link canal, which Sind is concerned about, can actually make CJ a perennial channel.

The Punjab and the Sindh

It was once again emphasized between the Punjab and the Sindh, the rivers downstream of the Indus. Sindh members of a retired official, Irsa Syed Mazhar Ali Shah, objected to the proposal introduced in the NOC issued October 18. Irsa surprisingly refused to issue a NOC ahead of a majority vote of 3: 2 at the October 9 meeting.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa members, according to the minutes, subscribed to Sindh's views at the meeting that CJ was a sub-canal canal. Irsa agreed with Sindh members' claims.” I read October 9th.  However, at a meeting on October 17, all the saints disagreed with the views of the members of the Sindh and suddenly changed their mind after Irsa announced the NOC.

God knows better why KP members and President Balochistan / Irsa suddenly changed their views," Sindh's member said.

According to the NOC document

The CJ Link Canal is a fatty canal and is therefore not monitored by Irsa. It seems to be a conditional NOC, but “Irsa does not promise or guarantee an exclusive water supply for the development of CJ Link Canal”. Given the history of water disputes between the riparian Punjab and the Sindh, such a NOC did not go well with the Sindh.

We believe it is an attempt to convert the CJ Link canal into a perennial canal so that the Punjab can draw water from the Indus river at the cost of the Sindh region from the [India] river. From Sind's water problem.

The decision on the NOC was decided by a 4: 1 majority vote, a member of Punjab, a federal member (chairman of the Federal Flood Commission in the absence of eternity), and a KP member and Irsa president in favor of the NOC.

According to Shah

Chairman Irsa votes when there is a tie. “After three votes on the NOC, the chairman also voted. So mine was the only one against this, ”Shah said. Members of Sindh observed that CJ is a fatty canal and Sindh's NOC is mandatory. Second, he said Irsa was not required to issue a NOC. “So the document is defective.

Irsa said the water regulator Irsa does not supply water exclusively for the development of CJ Link Canal. Why is the document [NOC] issued if the flow of water is not guaranteed?

Legal questions

Discussing the legal implications, Sindh's global spokesman Zamir Ghumro pointed out that a majority vote could not determine the interpretation of the law. Ghumro said, “Interpreting the law is private and this issue has to go to the Council of Common Interests (CCI) and the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra).

Irsa is required to regulate inter-regional water distribution under the Irsa Act 1992, established under the Water Allocation Convention of 1992, which accounts for 10 daily quotas throughout the year.  Given Water Accord in 1991, Sindh had a close share of 50% of the total water distribution of 48.76 MAF in Carripe and Ravi over the two seasons compared to the Punjab of 55.94 MAF.

KP and Balochistan had a nominal share of 114.35MAF of the total water distribution. How can I issue such a NOC when Sindh, the main shareholder in water distribution between states, makes a serious reservation on a very true and legal basis? ”Said the irrigation officer.

CJ Link Canal also added that

It was part of the Indus replacement that was executed after signing the 1960 Indus Water Treaty 1960. "Punjab created nine works without Sindh's understanding. The 22,000 cusecs capacity CJ Link, which supplies the Greater Thal Canal, draws water from the Indus and feeds it into the farmland, mainly from the Mangla Dam, built on the Jhelum River. Supply.

The Punjab receives water from Indus through the CJ Link Canal during Carrib when Sindri has to meet the needs of early farmers in Carrib sowing. Punjab does not get water from the manglas, which are filled from April to May in Manda.

Sindh's position should not always open the CJ link during this period, and Punjab should provide a stake in Mangla Dam to meet Sindh's water requirements for Tarbela Dam, built on Indus for early sowing of cotton and summer crops. . But Sindh always takes a cold attitude.

Sindh's concern is that once the NOC is issued to the power plant, Punjab will need water all year round, so CJ Link Cana will be a permanent waterway, so Sindh can never support such a proposal. During the Carleaf season, Irsa announces a water shortage of 30 to 40 pcs.

Last control point of Indus

For Kotri Barrage (last control point of Indus), 75pc remains due to system loss. And for the power plant to be installed at CJ Link Canal, obviously water flow is needed, and Sindh's farmers will assume that no water will be supplied during the Ravi season of the Winter Legion. Abrar Kazi, who did research on Sindh's water problem and wrote a book, believed that Sindh needed water when Wapda preferred to fill Mangla Dam.

Wapda stores water, but does not satisfy the thirsty person. It happens every year. Sindh is already arguing with the federal government about nominating a federal member in Sindh. The Federal Minister of Water refused to accept two members from Sindh in Irsa, while Sindh said that federal members were also appointed in Sindh under the administrative order of Pervez Musharraf Gen, which is lawfully applied in the 17th Amendment.

A.G.N. The Abbasi-led technical committee on water resources formed by the Musharraf chapter also questioned the operational standards for the filling of the Link Canal (Chashma-Jhelum and Taunsa-Panjnad) and Mangla Dam.

The report stated that it was stored in Mangla during periods of water scarcity and was poured or wasted in the surplus period. The water stored in Mangla is not fully utilized in the Ravi season for many years. This is very regrettable, ”excerpted from the report.

On The Day The Doctors at Lahore Hospital Say

On The Day The Doctors at Lahore Hospital Say
On the day the doctors at Lahore Hospital say the state of ex-Nawaz Sharif is 'serious' despite the transfusion of three megaunits, former President Asif Ali Zardari in Pakistan's Institute of Medical Sciences in Rawalpindi Adi Allah Prison (PIMS) moved to hospital. Platelets within a few hours after his hospitalization.

According to a medical test conducted

According to a medical test conducted on Tuesday, Nawaz Sharif's platelet count "was dropped from 16,000 to a critical level of 2,000" when he was admitted to the hospital late Monday night, "medical committee members said immediately. Leaders of the main opposition have complained about the authorities over the past few months that they have not provided the necessary medical services in the Kot Lakhpat and Adiala prisons.

But the state of deterioration in health in Nazaz Sharif Once confirmed, they ran to the hospital in turn, the result of the government medical examination. In Islamabad, Dr. Waseem Khawaja, PIMS Hospital Media Coordinator, told the media that the patient (Mard Zardari) was admitted to the heart ward. “Many tests were done, including ECG and blood tests, and the patient was at risk.

But more tests will be conducted, so Zardari can stay in the hospital for days. The neurologist, Dr. Shajee and the cardiologist, Naeem, added that Amir, a neurologist, has identified Zardari for weakness, anxiety and back pain.

Rogue Zardari was hospitalized at PIMS Heart Disease

Meanwhile, a six-member physicians headed by Dr. Ayaz Mahmood, Principal of Lahore Services Hospital, investigated the PML-N best and transfused patients with “3 megaplatelets”. One board member said that the services of Dr. Mona Aziz, a senior hematologist at Shaikh Zayed Hospital, participated to find out why Mr. Sharif's platelet count is decreasing.

The Medical Commission has done several tests but has not succeeded in diagnosing a disease that has reduced platelet counts," he added, increasing platelet counts to 18,000 Tuesday evening. According to the doctor, the normal range of platelet counts is from 150,000 to 400,000. We are doing more testing to find the exact cause of platelet dropping.

In the end, the Punjab Department of Health passed a directive to the Medical Commission to include Dr. Adnan Khan, a private doctor of Nazaz Sharif. After Dr. Adnan raised the alarm about his critical condition in NAB's detention, late Monday afternoon, the National Accountability Bureau moved the former premier to a service hospital.

According to officials

He had no cardiac unit available when brought to the service hospital, forcing the relevant institution to call a cardiologist at the Punjab Cardiology Society and Jinna Hospital. When the condition improved slightly as the platelet levels rose to 18,000 on Tuesday, much lower than normal, his opposition president Shavaz Sharif met him in the hospital.

Health Minister Yasmin Rashid Punjab also visited a service hospital, but she preferred to continue to be involved in the hospital administration during the visit without seeing the previous best. But Minister of Health Momin Agha Punjab met with Mr. Sharif and asked about his direction to the top," sources said.

The government avoided apathy. Finding navigation

Shahbaz said in a tweet: “I visited my sister Nawaz Sharif in the hospital early today. I am seriously worried that his medical condition deteriorates quickly. The government should avoid apathy and attend to serious health problems. I appeal to the people to pray for sorry Sahib.

Parliamentarians had to investigate whether there was a delay in moving Nawaz Sharif to the hospital after platelets fell to fatal levels while talking to journalists outside the hospital. We thank Allah that the blood did not come out of the nose or mouth in this condition," he added in some of the authorities, "crime neglect.

Hussain Nawaz argued that father's platelet reduction could be the result of some kind of "addiction". As he tweeted in London, he said: “Plateletosis as a symptom of addiction. What happens to Nawaz Sharif. Former Home Secretary and PML-N Secretary-General Ahsan Iqbal argued that despite Adnan's repeated requests, NAB officials blindly looked at Nawaz's health and "threw the medical report in the trash.

He said the ruling PTI had a strange attitude with political opponents. During a press conference at the National Press Club, Iqbal said the media did not enter the hospital until other media highlighted the worsening condition of Nawaz Sharif in NAB custody.

He expressed hope that

Maryam Nawaz, who was in NAB custody, could see her father at the hospital. He demanded that former top Shahid Khaqan Abasi also be taken to the hospital because of poor health. Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb PML-N said PTI's 'rented' spokesman began politics about Nawaz Sharif's state of health.

She asked Dr. Adnan to review Maryam Nawaz's report because the pathology report was not yet shared with the family. She said she was "abducted" for the arrest of former PM's son-in-law Mohammad Safda and was not produced before a magistrate.

In response to questions about the opposition's protest march against the government, Lim said Khan's "examination government" could not handle the situation. "We will see Black Day on October 27 and participate in Azadi March on October 31 as directed by PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif."

I wrote a statement that 2020 will be the election year, and next year I have to talk with the opposition on how to hold fair, free and transparent elections.

The NAB, meanwhile, wrote to the Punjab Home Department on strengthening the security of service hospitals because a large number of PML-N workers gathered outside the hospital and slogans against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The head of PML-N, Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz, met her father, former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Wednesday night at Lahore's Services Hospital, a source from the National Accountability Bureau said. Development took place after submitting a request to headquarters for special permission by PML-N.

The former three Pakistani Prime Ministers Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif already know that they are not feeling well and have been taken to a service hospital for treatment. His daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif is a prisoner in Kot Lakhpat Jail Lahore. She couldn't investigate her father's health. She visits her sick father and read his health," Letter.

Earlier that day

A request for permission to visit Nawaz was denied by Lahore's responsible court. Mariam asked for an hour to see her father. Vice President of PML-N made a request during the court proceedings in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case.

In the proceedings, the court asked the NAB investigator when to submit a reference to the case and replied that it would be submitted after the NAB chairman's approval that the reference had entered the final stage of preparation.

Meanwhile, Chaudhry Ameer Mohammad Khan's ruling extended the legal abolition of Maryam and her cousin Yousaf Abbas until October 25.

Alarm on PML-N reading as platelet transfused to full -PM

On Tuesday, doctors at Lahore Service Hospital called Nawaz's condition 'serious', despite transfusion of 3 megabytes of platelets within hours of hospitalization. According to a medical test conducted yesterday, when the former highest platelet count was hospitalized late Monday night, "the drop was from 16,000 to a threshold level of 2,000. The medical commissioners said.

Immediately, one of the members of the transfusion board is" platelet to save lives. " "Said. NAB moved Nawaz to a service hospital late Monday night after his doctor, Dr. Adnan Khan, alerted him about his critical condition for custody of responsible watch dogs.

Federal Taxes Collected in The First Month

Federal Taxes Collected in The First Month
Federal taxes collected in the first month of the fiscal year may not accurately represent actual quarterly or annual revenue growth trends, but they indicate the direction in which the situation is moving. The fiscal year starts in July and begins with a lower collection that allows you to gather momentum for two months after the first quarter.

Tax revenues

Tax revenues raised by the Federal Revenue of Federal Revenue are reported to have risen 10.8 percent to 280 billion rupiah in July, exceeding 250 billion rupees over the same period last year. However, in the context of Rs1,072bn's quarterly target, that figure is not impressive. Similarly, as a percentage of the annual target, the collection is 4.99, down from 5.66pc in July 2018 to 4.99. The annual target for 2019-2020 is estimated at 550 billion rupees, an increase of 45 pcs from the previous year's actual Rs3. 832 billion.

Officials expect FBR collections to increase significantly as tax filings increase in line with the documentation and amnesty scheme. As of 2018, 2.5 million tax refunds were filed, up from 1.49 m in the previous year to 67 pcs. And FBR says it has met its taxpayer goals for 2019. Irregular and low spending on economic development and public welfare has undermined the spirit of voluntary tax compliance. However, according to data available in the recent past, most new tax filers have reported zero or fines.

The trend can be even more pronounced as business activity slows and credit transactions in the private sector are negative. Between July 1 and August 2, the private sector recorded a net credit retirement of 12.23 billion rupees compared to 33.6 billion rupees in the same period last fiscal year. PTI's tax efforts were made prior to tax reform, so the FBR cannot expect to meet its unprecedented high annual income target.

Strict tax measures have received strong resistance in various sectors of the business community. In the past decades, irregular and generally low spending on economic development and public welfare, including the provision of civil facilities, has undermined the spirit of voluntary tax compliance. The problem is exacerbated by corruption and waste.

According to data released

According to data released by the planning committee, similar to last year, the funds allocated for 126 million rupees for the prime minister's special program were not spent in the first month of this fiscal year. Most of PTI's first year's achievements were highlighted by pledges and initiatives that had not yet taken off in a challenging environment. The spending amount for the public sector development program in July was 15.4 billion rupees, down from 22.784 billion from last year's comparison period.

Economic growth continues to suffer from a lack of sufficient spending on social and physical infrastructure. The success of reducing trade and current account deficits also paid for a sharp decline in growth. Tax experts say that the FBR has too much power and must share some responsibilities according to its constitutional obligations. This allows the FBR to focus on its core functions and provide a lot of space for local governments to achieve better outcomes.

Sindh's local tax authorities complain that the federal government recently violated various jurisdictions of the federal government, resulting in taxation and local tax-based erosion. To avoid double taxation, the federal consumption tax should be withdrawn or drastically reduced after sales tax is transferred to the province. Components of services related to income, insurance and freight are included in the value of income and are taxed by the center.

Independent economists said the center generated revenue outside the National Finance Commission. Petroleum levy equals carbon tax. Gas Infrastructure Development Cess happens completely in Islamabad. He emphasizes the need to develop a national integrated tax system in which the federal powers come from unity of diversity.

The authority over taxes

Authority over taxes should be dispersed into three layers of government on the basis of rights and responsibilities, merit, efficiency and equity. Local authorities are denied financial and administrative autonomy under Constitution 140-A. Property taxes are collected by local government instead of local agencies, and this space is under pressure by recent federal taxation measures. The best sales tax professionals with experience working with federal and local tax authorities in the area of ​​taxation by country, taking into account.

The nature of the VAT system, should ideally be managed and collected by institutions such as the General Sales Tax on Goods and Services (GST). He gave a presentation at a country-specific tax workshop held shortly before, explaining that the integration of GST-related functions for goods and services will lower taxpayer compliance costs. The cost of collection by the tax authorities will also be lower, as the taxpayer's proximity to the tax authorities contributes to facilitating the taxpayer's business.

And the ambiguity / dispute about the classification of economic activity as goods and services will disappear. The lawsuit is reduced. He concluded that the success of the sales tax on the collection of services by the province supports the case where the GST for goods should be distributed to the province.

Similarly, changes in the state population proportions recorded in the 2017 census and the merger of the federal administrative tribe and Khyber Pukhtunkhwa have made the issue of horizontal distribution of NFC's splittable pool more prominent. Fair horizontal distribution of resources helps to eliminate inconsistencies in development between federated units.

Currently, 82pc of NFC pool is shared within the state, based on the percentage of the population. There are many dimensions to tax reform, which must be dealt with comprehensively to make government finances a sound foundation.

Achievements of the PTI government

In citing the achievements of the PTI government during the first year of his term, media special minister, Iftikhar Durrani, said the government saved the current account deficit and introduced a flagship program to reduce the current account deficit and trade deficit. Recovered. In a statement released on Saturday, he said, “I would like to start with attentive measures to reduce or reduce the current account deficit by 30% while providing public debt service for $ 9888 billion.

He said the government took bold steps to revive the industry and avoided a basic threat by reducing the overall trade deficit by 14pc. PTI says it has recovered the lost dignity of Pakistani leaders. All individuals in the PTI government have acquired themselves to reduce spending, which is the PM's own initiative," Durrani said. Commenting on the achievements of various government departments.

The Pakistan Post office turned to turning itself into a for-profit organization and introduced a remittance-based application. Illegal means of hawala and hundi. Similarly, PTV, PIA, and the National Highway Authority (NHA) are all on the way to success, and the NHA has raised Rs 44 billion. We wanted to put everyone under the umbrella of growth, opportunity and sustainability.

In the most harmonious way, we formed a merger of FATA and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, ”Durrani said. "Enormous efforts and measures have been taken to alleviate poverty and equitable distribution of resources, so the Ehsas program has begun, enabling wealth and basic necessities to reach the poor.

Together with quotes from international lighting fixtures and verses, the statement ends with the quality of leadership provided by PTI. "Imran Khan raises the bar on leadership levels and returns Pakistan from darkness to light.

The Central Development Working Party on Tuesday

The Central Development Working Party on Tuesday
On Tuesday, the Central Development Working Party (CWP) completed a total of 6,6 development projects, including two mega schemes for Karachi's urban mobility. The CDWP meeting, hosted by Deputy Director of the Planning Committee of Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan, approved two projects of 333 billion rupees to the Commission of National Economic Commission (Ecnec) for approval, and recommended 226 billion rupees.

Erase Karachi's two mega transport schemes

Information technology, health, governance, physical planning and projects related to housing and transportation and communications. Under the current financial rules, the CDWP can approve more than 3 billion Rs on its own, while if the CDWP approves it for technical reasons, the higher-expected project is approved by Ecnec. Two projects related to the health sector were presented at the meeting. A new name for the first project, the Sehat Sahulat Program, a national health program (Phase 2) of Rs 390.9 billion, was announced, which was mentioned to Ecnec for approval.

The CDWP has approved a second health project proposed by the State Department of Health Services, Regulations and Coordination for “establishing safe transfusion services in the Islamabad capital territory” amounting to Rs 102.857 million. Three projects related to transportation and communication were presented at the meeting.

The first project said, “As part of the Khyber Pass Economic Corridor project, the construction of the Pesha­war Torkham Expressway project was recommended to Ecnec after cost rationalization at Rs 447 billion. The project is being promoted by the World Bank with a $ 500 million loan program. The second project of the Rcn78.384bn bus high speed transportation (BRT) red line project was recommended to Ecnec for approval.

The first project was estimated at a cost of 65 billion rupiah, but the Sindh government found a revised cost estimate of over 90 billion rupees due to the exchange rate loss. Nevertheless, the project was approved at a cost of 782.88 billion rupees, modified after a technical-level agreement between the federal and state governments.

Asian Development Bank

The Asian Development Bank recently approved a loan of $ 125 million to provide 2,660 km of fast track transportation corridors and related facilities, benefiting approximately 1.5 million people (about 10pc of Karachi's population) living within a 1 km radius of each region. Gives the red line station. The project, which will be completed in 2021, has a 29 km corridor, including a 2.4 km communal corridor connecting Municipal Park and Merewether Tower and a dedicated 26.6 km corridor from Numaish Chowrangi to Malcol Halt and University Road through Model Colony.

More than 300,000 passengers a day are expected to take the Red Line route. The CDWP also liquidated the Karachi Urban Mobility Project (yellow BRT corridor) with a revised estimated cost of 672.66 billion rupees and contacted Ecnec for approval. The CDWP also raised specific technical observations of the project and asked Ecnec for further discussion between the federal and state governments.

The Sind government proposed a 656.66 million pounds of the Karachi City Transport Project (Yellow Line Bus Express), but the CDWP rationalized the cost estimate to 66.4 billion rupiahs. The meeting also undertakes projects related to the physical planning and housing sectors and has approved the construction of the AJK Legislative Assembly Complex at a cost of approximately 24.5 billion rupees.

The market shrinks sharply

Market shrinks sharply because producers of ghee and edible oil get CNICs of all parties who buy or supply to registered businesses, paying attention to consumers looking for cheaper alternatives and retailers paying attention to placing orders under newly introduced terms. We are reported to be. Many distributors are non-reporters, and with restrictions on filling out forms that require the details of the store owner, the purchasing power has collapsed and brakes have to be installed in industries that are already struggling, life food manufacturers told us.

Traders, especially non-declaring India, are not interested in building stock in bulk. Former Chairman Abdul Majid Mohammad, former president of the Pakistan Banas Party Manufacturing Association, estimated sales declined 30-35% in July-August alone. Sheikh Amjad Rasheed noted that another manufacturer, formerly chairman of the PVMA, found that sales of branded items fell 10-15pc in July and August, while unbranded sales fell 30pc.

He said branded products do not suffer much from "consumer loyalty. Hermitage said the Karachi plant cut 30 tons of ghee and edible production per day. This is a huge reduction that can be maintained by any manufacturer, without resorting to huge cost saving measures (mostly dismissal). The unemployment ax basically depends on who gets paid daily,” they said. “Contract workers and full-time workers are greeted with an ax last time.

Daily wage earners are the worst stage of the working class. Khyber Paktunkhwa's ghee / edible oil producers noted that sales declined by at least 40pc in July and August, and CNIC status was the main reason. The government introduced this condition as a means to promote documentation in SMEs, especially in the service sector. This is a small tax contribution compared to the 20pc share of national GDP.

However, the distributor is only part of the problem

Price has risen at least Rs20 per kg / liter of butter and cooking oil from July 1 to the present,” said a producer in Peshawar. Some consumers with severe constraints on purchasing power are increasingly buying ghee and edible oil with 1 kg or liter pouches instead of 2.5 kg and 5 kg butter / edible oil barrels as consumption-based consumption. More and more consumption patterns in other markets. To maintain low demand, some manufacturers have already introduced half kg / liter butter and cooking oil pouches, while others are seriously considering this lawsuit.

Many people buy goods according to their needs, and this trend is seen in other products, especially due to rising costs of living over the past year," he added. Farid Qureishi, secretary-general of the Karachi retail grocery group, said some manufacturers are making 250 grams of butter and cooking oil to meet the needs of low-cost consumers.

According to the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics, the country's vegetable butter production was 3,33.6 million tons, down 3% from 19%, and cooking oil production increased by 2% to 194,000 tons. FY19's palm oil imports were 30.7 million tons, up 10.7pc, while import legislation was down 9.6pc to $ 184.4 billion.

This means that the average price per tonne of FY19 has plummeted from $ 717 per tonne of FY19 to $ 586 per tonne, leading manufacturers to import more quantities. But consumers are paying higher prices for ghee and cooking oil due to the rupee's devaluation of the dollar. Soybean oil imports fell 3.7 and 21 pcs respectively in FY19, to 150,912 tons and $ 107 m, respectively.

Federal Govt to Increasing Retirement Age of Employees

Federal Govt to Increasing Retirement Age of Employees
Punjab paid attention to this issue, discovering a serious federal government in increasing the retirement age of its public sector employees, proclaiming that its responsibilities would accumulate if it did not follow proper planning and did not follow proper planning. This adds to the financial burden of pensions and dues.

The Federal Government

Under the direction of the Prime Minister, sought to postpone payment obligations and pension liabilities for a few years for all states and its relevant departments on the increase in retirement age and early retirement limits. Time to solve the crisis. Punjab expressed its views at a meeting in Islamabad, but in the meantime, Kieber Pak Denghwa (KP) has increased the retirement age. A punjab spokesman said KP can afford to take action because it has fewer pension liabilities than the largest provinces by population.

The official source said, "We have to handle the case very carefully, taking into account tremendous salary and pension bills. Last week's Punjab government source warned local authorities that federal notifications to investigate proposals to increase retirement age in terms of legal, financial, administrative and organizational efficiency, according to a federal advisor to agency reform last week Said.

Shortly after the idea left, they told a team of high-rank Punjab officials that tells Islamabad that increasing the retirement age from 60 years to 63 years now means pension payments and overdue payments to government officials.

Retire during that time

It could be a big burden if the government doesn't invest money saved due to an improvement in retirement age, they arrested. They said the federal government had raised concerns about the misuse of the remaining funds as a result of strengthening the retirement age for ultimate payments to government officials serving for an additional three years, taking into account the country's serious economic crisis.

The government will raise funds for pensions and dues after three years, and it will be a big issue to pay extra salaries to people who are not allowed to retire at age 60," he said. The Punjab government alone pays 350 billion rupees annually to retired employees. This adds to a huge payroll bill of 51.5 billion rupees. Deferring the retirement age means setting a current pension budget limit, but paying stalled money even after three years.

According to sources, Punjabi told Islamabad that increasing the age limit for early retirement could be somewhat helpful to the government. Currently, increasing the early retirement age limit from 45 to 55 can save only Rs 670 billion per year in Punjab alone, where most women, mainly women, tend not to take advantage of this opportunity.

The Punjab government said it is considering it this week to consolidate its views on the matter. Already under a local finance minister, a committee of advisors from Dr. Salman Shah was more likely to solve the problem in a few days. The committee also added that it will consider Punjab's existing pension schemes and propose ways to reduce surging pension costs.

We will review the existing methods of appointment of officials, officials, and officials from key departments, propose alternatives to future appointments that will help reduce pension legislation, and recommend revision of relevant laws, rules and regulations.

The Pakistan Pediatric Association

Pakistan Pediatric Association has expressed concern about "defective" communication and operational strategies in relation to polio vaccinations, and has requested a focused approach to eradicate the virus in reservoirs by placing technical personnel to reach all children. In spite of our request, the government does not invite us to the polio review meeting in Islamabad on 29 August. We are a key stakeholder and we know where the flaws are.

Professor Harman PPA. He said he doesn't need to start a statewide vaccination, he needs to quarantine the virus store first and then focus on areas where the virus doesn't exist. The focus should be on the Bannu department but requires the involvement of pediatricians and technicians. Professor Gohar, a member of the National Immunization Technical Advisory Board, is an international master trainer who deals with vaccine hesitation.

Intensive approach to get rid of the virus in the affected area. He said that training, awareness and preparation are the basic building blocks for the smooth voyage of vaccinations, but the government has sewed old ways of knocking on the doors of people overlooking polio agents. Even the doctor asks if your child should be given OPV. Vaccination is the only way to get rid of polio, but the way this vaccine is offered is inappropriate.

The PPA chairman said

The government-sponsored communications staff had a hard time answering people's questions about the authenticity of the oral polio vaccine due to lack of experience. Are communication strategies not as effective at answering common questions as government-owned programs? Is polio eradication a Western agenda? And vaccines are not harmful to children, ”he said. Professor Gohar asked why the vaccinations were given to polio vaccinations. He said that for the better children's health, the missing link between immunizers and people should be prevented.

A comprehensive strategy is available to deal with the rejection of the vaccine," he added. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa had 58,913 rejections in Peshawar, up to 739,458 after the vaccine response drama four months ago. Vaccination includes 8,658 hardcore rejections that require strong communication skills to convince people that it is a national program to protect children from disabilities.

Pakistan registered 58 polio cases by 2019, including 44 cases in KP, 5 cases in Punjab, 4 cases in Balochistan, and 5 cases in Sindh. Another pediatrician said, "unrecorded quiet rejection is a big obstacle. Polio has been eliminated worldwide except Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria with the same vaccine since the Global Polio Eradication Initiative was launched in 1994, but less than 1% of unvaccinated children It is a constant threat to children who are vaccinated.

Communication strategy

Since there is no communication strategy that OPVs should protect their children from disability, people continue to block the vaccinated or other excuses. Health officials said communication support was provided by UNICEF, which recruits people who lack the skills to interact with those who refuse OPV. UNICEF deployed about 500 communicators to prepare printed materials to overcome vaccine hesitations, but they were also assigned operational tasks and had little time to perform the main tasks of people for vaccination.

According to recent sources, many social media activists from the ruling PTI have been hired by the polio program and paid by UNICEF. Even in the past, we hired communicators without floating advertising to find skilled people throughout the competition process. Professor Gohar said it was not true that illiterate people were willing parents and doctors, professors, and educated people reused the vaccine.

He said that including pediatricians could make a significant difference in polio eradication efforts. We can train polio workers to realize that cheating on vaccinations can lead to a lifelong disability of their children. The PPA director said, “People listen to pediatricians about pediatric health issues.

Peshawar Historic Edwarded College has Been Controversial

Peshawar Historic Edwarded College has Been Controversial
Peshawar's historic Edwarded College has been controversial, and legal disputes between different stakeholders in administrative management have not yet been resolved. Founded in 1900 for the past two years, the university has turned into a bone of debate between the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and the Diocese of Peshawar, while tensions continue to exist between the principal and staff.

Higher education regulatory authority

Recently, a word war began between Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, between the university administration and the higher education regulatory authority (Hera), the latter carried out a university inspection by an investigative committee. The University Administration resisted prosecutors scheduled on August 27, based on the order of the Peshawar High Court last May, and the court instructed respondents not to take adverse action against written accusations, including KP governor, chief secretary and secretary of higher education.

Action on university work

On August 23, the secretary wrote to Dr. Brigadier (rett) Nayer Fardows, president of HERA, Dr. Amber Ali Khan, President of HERA and Secretary-General of Higher Education Fazl-e-Qadir. Regular checks by the university violated the order of the High Court. HERA responded to the administration's petition on the day with a letter stating that the temporary registration was approved in an additional field of 8 days, which could eliminate several shortcomings within two months after the temporary registration was issued, for example, March 2019. 8 days.

According to a letter from Hera's secretary, the follow-up investigation by the authorities' surveillance committee said it was not going to take adverse measures to confirm whether the shortcomings were pointed out early by the commission in a report on September 26, 2018. Removed or not. In a given situation.

It was not necessary to justify excessive hesitation in expanding access to the members of the investigating committee, and this kind of approach would first prove the authority over authority over the claims made against this institution. The university's internal staff recently ordered an office on July 19 when the principal went on vacation, and instead of delegating authority to the deputy principal, to Senator Brig Senator John Kenneth Williams.

President of the University Executive Committee You will be a temporary principal / administrator. In May this year, Bishop Humphrey Sarfaraz Peter of the Diocese filed a written petition with the Peshawar High Court (PHC) claiming that he was chairman of the University's Board of Directors and a private enterprise. He asked the court to restrict respondents, including Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, from interfering with the university's administration and other affairs.

University has its own financial resources

He said the university has its own financial resources, made up of donations and fees. He questioned other actions taken by KP governors, including the issuance of other letters in relation to university work. Contrary to his argument, about 20 faculty members filed a petition in court to declare to the university a self-governing body, run by BoG in 1974 and chaired by KP governor.

They challenged the bishop's position in 1972 that the government took over all private management schools and colleges in accordance with Regulation No-118, called “Personally Managed Schools and Colleges (Acquisition) Regulation 1972. Staff members were published in 1974 by the Ministry of Education NWFP (now Khyber Pakhtunkhwa), through which the BoG led by the governor was created for the functioning of the university.

The petitioners also mentioned a record of the parliamentary procedure, and Edwards College's problem was also discussed in that the question and answer session made clear that the university was actually nationalized. The High Court has now classified all relevant petitions as clubs and will hear them on September 3. In the petition of Bishop Humphrey Safaraz Peter and faculty, the High Court granted them interim relief. In the previous petition.

The court ordered respondents not to take any adverse action on the university's work. Similarly, the bench on June 12 instructed respondents, including the bishop's bishop and the principal, in the second petition not to take any adverse action against the petitioners. The bench, led by Judge Nisar Hussain on March 22, 2016, declared the university a private corporation.

This ruling was passed by a written petition filed by scholar Malak Naz, who challenged the appointment of the current University Principal (Ret) Nayyar Firdows by BoG for four years on December 5, 2014.

Malik Naz raised several points in his petition

The appointment of a Christian as a university principal is predetermined. His appointment was the result of political maneuvers and pressures. And this appointment was not made in accordance with the law. Bench dismissed his petition, admitting that Edwards College in Peshawar was a missionary school named Edwards High School, founded in 1853 by the Church Missionary Association, and later upgraded to university status after 1900. did. It was functioning as a private institution.

The court said, “In 1971, when all private institutions were nationalized, they proposed nationalization, but because they were resisted, they recognized and maintained their independence as private institutions,” the court ruled. However, in January 1974, the NWFP at that time established the BoG for KP for the university and all the administrative authority of the university was granted to the board of directors.

The district governor, as vice-chairman, had to be chairman and pastor of the board for education and supervision of Peshawar. If there is no statutory authority, it is a mystery that under the authority of any law, then the governor of KP will issue a notice on the governor's constitution," Bench said. Peshawar Edwards College turned out to be a private institution funded through its own source.

The faculty and the government insisted in the previous petition that the courts were not properly supported, some important facts were hidden in the courts, and the views of the government were not heard. In light of the initial ruling, the Diocese of Peshawar created a new governor's board of directors in March of this year.

This situation once had a great impact on the academic standards of the university, the most prestigious university in the province.

Several former students think that they are interested in the interests of this historic institution, which Quaid-i-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah has visited three times, and the high court must first decide on a legal argument.

The Pakistani Employers Federation

EFP supported the decision to stop trading with India and asked the government to allow Indian origin goods in local markets that have already arrived at Pakistan's airports or ports. In addition, EFP feared that life-saving drugs imported in India in the form of raw or finished products may disappear from the market and relax the rules until alternative sources of imports are in place. EFP Vice President Zaki Ahmed Khan said Pakistan's manufacturers fully supported the government's decision to stop all trade with India.

This sent a strong and favorable message to the business community to procure imports and exports from countries that do not affect Pakistan's sovereignty." But Khan said delivery from India or an airport port should be exempt.

He said that APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) imported from India to manufacture life-saving products in the Pakistani pharmaceutical industry should be allowed under conditions that would allow pharmaceutical companies to immediately develop alternative sources of these APIs within reasonable and mutually agreed terms. said. Time with drug regulatory authorities in Pakistan.